Faraway Traveller

Welcome to Faraway Travellers, a place for those who are planning long term travel to find the inspiration and resources they need to live out their dreams.

I took my first long-term international trip when I was 29 years old, and it absolutely changed my life. I backpacked solo through countries that made people respond with comments that ranged from “Oh my God, you’re so lucky!” to “Oh my God, are you sure that’s safe?!”.

I learned self-sufficiency, improved my self-confidence, and gained a much deeper understanding of the world than I had had before. There’s something about the nature of long-term travel that forces those qualities to develop that just doesn’t exist in quite the same way during shorter holidays so, since that time, I’ve picked up a travel buddy, and we’ve been working on trying to make long term travel a permanent fixture in our lives.

It hasn’t happened yet, but we’ve both got lots of ideas and experience that we’re more than happy to share.

I hope that you’ll follow along with our successes and failures, and share with us your own plans, hopes and dreams for your time on the road.